To be published soon: Didier Debaise, « Speculative Empiricism »

Debaise_Speculative Empiricism

Speculative Empiricism. Revisiting Whitehead by Didier Debaise will be published soon at Edingburgh University Press.

Translated by Tomas Joseph Weber

A radically new philosophy of experience and speculation, based on a reading of Whitehead’s Process and Reality

Can experience be thought systematically without transforming the richness of the world as it is lived into reductive philosophical generalities? Can the method of empiricism ever be reconciled with a method of systematic cosmological speculation? 
Didier Debaise’s reading of Whitehead shows clearly what a philosophy that makes this possible looks like, how it works and what is at stake. He focuses in on Whitehead’s attempt to construct a metaphysical system of everything in the universe that exists whilst simultaneously claiming that it can account for every element of our experience: everything enjoyed and perceived, willed or thought.


Translator’s Preface 
Preface by Isabelle Stengers

Part I: Speculative Philosophy: Method And Function 
What is Speculative Philosophy? 
Creativity as Ultimate Principle 
Actualising Creativity

Part II: The Speculative Approach To Existence: Process and Individuation 
What is a Process of Individuation? 
What is the Subject? 
Realisation of Self and Power 
Pure Potentiality and Actuality 
Temporal Dimensions of Actual Entities

Part III: Experiences And Societies: Thinking Nature 
A Universe of Societies 
The Mode of Existence of Societies 
Nature and Societies

Conclusion: What is Speculative Empiricism?


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